- Helping people worldwide gain a deeper understanding of the massive structure and internal extent of the clitoris as well as the necessity for it to be adequately stimulated and engorged (similar in a way to the erection of the penis, but mainly on an internal level in the case of women) in order to reach an optimal level of sensations and intensity (via various types of foreplay to get warmed up for instance, through efficient genital/vaginal massage techniques with or without lubricant, manually or with a sex toy, etc.), thus making reaching an orgasm (or more than one!) much more easily accessible.

- Becoming aware of the effects of working out and reinforcing our pelvic muscles (via Kegel exercises as an example), which can open up new opportunities to enjoy sexual experiences of a more intense nature as well as helping prevent specific health issues which can surface at certain stages in a woman's life (pelvic floor weakness, urinary incontinence, genital prolapse, etc.), while for our part encouraging and stimulating at the same time the emergence around the world of a culture of fitness of these muscles upon which not much attention is given these days in our modern society.

- Elucidating the "G-spot" enigma as what appears in part to be the urethral sponge being stimulated and getting engorged with fluid (which can be stimulated indirectly via the upper wall of the vagina, which also appears to stimulate at the same time the internal roots of the clitoral complex), which can then trigger in certain cases an ejaculatory expulsion of this fluid of a prostatic nature (with, or even without an orgasm) which seems to vary depending on the degree of development of the paraurethral glands, the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, the force of the contractions taking place (in a natural way when having an orgasm, or intentionally by "pushing" with these muscles), as well as a number of other potential factors.

- Exploration of the barely-known erogenous territories located in the deepest parts of the vagina (fornix + cervix), the extremely powerful and deep types of vaginal/uterine orgasms that can be triggered by an adequate stimulation of these erogenous zones, the intense emotional dimension of these types of orgasms, as well as their distinct and astonishing differences when it comes to the neural pathways they use, thanks to the groundbreaking research of Dr. Barry Komisaruk.

Stay tuned.  The journey has only just begun.

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(Note: for all types of manual stimulation of sensitive parts with your fingers, and especially internally, please pay particular attention on the state and the cleanliness of your fingers and nails, making sure to be careful not to cause any kind of injuries.  Or even better, use nitrile gloves which can generally be found in good ol' drug stores.)